Application of Differential Equations in Enzyme Kinetics
Fan, Caihong
Li, Ping
Xue, Yingzhen
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Fan C., Li P., Xue Y., 2018, Application of Differential Equations in Enzyme Kinetics, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 71, 883-888.
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This paper discusses the application of simplified differential transformation method in the solution of nonlinear differential equations and the application of characteristic set method in the analysis of enzyme dynamic system. It can be found through the solution of the Burgers equation and other evolution equations that RDTM is a more accurate and efficient method than ADM, VIM, and DTM. When seeking the approximate solution of an equation through RDTM, there is no restriction required, such as disturbance technique, linearization or discretization. Under the assumption that the initial concentration of the enzyme is much larger than that of the matrix, the nonlinear equation sets of the reaction system are transformed into linear equation set and then the dsolve command of the computer algebra software MAPLE is used for the solution, obtaining the time-varying functional relationship between concentration of matrix s, the product P and composite c and the rationality of this method is illustrated by an example drawing.
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