Fluidity Study on Chemical Behavior of Bingham Materials in Pipe Transportation
Yang, Jie
Yang, Baogui
Li, Tao
Yu, Mingming
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Yang J., Yang B., Li T., Yu M., 2018, Fluidity Study on Chemical Behavior of Bingham Materials in Pipe Transportation, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 71, 1051-1056.
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Bingham material has commonly been used to control subsidence damage caused by underground coal mining. This paper discusses the Bingham materials fluidity characteristics in the pipe transportation. A general description about the components of the Bingham materials is provided involving the various chemical behavior and rheological performance. The flow characteristics in pipeline has been simulated in the straight pipe and 90° elbow pipe respectively combined with the pressure loss and conveying velocity distribution. With the help of the commercial Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) code FLUENT, the modeling is conducted with various materials feeding velocity. These results show the local resistance loss in bending pipe is significantly higher than the resistance in the straight pipe under the same condition associated with Bingham materials transportation. The velocity distribution of the slurry solid particle in the slurry movement forward is more decentralize as the increasing hydraulic inlet velocity. Bingham materials fluidity characteristics based on different chemical behavior was concluded in the paper.
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