Chemical Properties of Bingham Materials in Backfilling
Li, Tao
Qin, Tao
Zhou, Yibo
Bi, Yewu
Wang, Xiaolong
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Li T., Qin T., Zhou Y., Bi Y., Wang X., 2018, Chemical Properties of Bingham Materials in Backfilling, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 71, 1057-1062.
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This paper analyzes the chemical homogeneity properties of backfilling material belonging to Bingham body by rheology experiment, initial start-up experiment and shear experiment, then reveals the reasons for good transport characteristics of bingham material which is composed of high concentration cemented filling slurry with gangue and fly ash. The results show that this bingham material is a homogeneous suspension slurry, which is in the middle stage between structural flow and solid-liquid two-phase flow with good fluidity. This bingham material is divided into a mortar system and a gangue system, and these two systems act on each other in the inner of it. It is considered that the fine particles in the filling material provide adhesive property to the slurry, which is the key reason for the bingham material to present structural flow characteristics. But the gangue particles weaken the structure of floc net and promote the structural flow pattern to change to solid-liquid two-phase transition flow, and stops at the middle stage, which presents good fluidity. So compared with other materials, this bingham material transport resistance is smaller, the transport capacity is larger, the transport distance is longer, which is more suitable for transport during filling mining.
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