Interactive Terminal Technology for Safety Detection of Chemical Boilers
Chen, Ying
Guo, Fuyan
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Chen Y., Guo F., 2018, Interactive Terminal Technology for Safety Detection of Chemical Boilers, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 71, 1243-1248.
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The technology of interactive acquisition terminal for boiler remote monitoring is discussed. Utilizing information acquisition technology and communication transmission technology, the boiler remote monitoring terminal is optimized, which is interactive, real-time and feedback, and well coupled with the boiler remote monitoring system. At the same time, the terminal evaluates the operation status of the boiler through the detection of the boiler parameters (temperature, height, air pressure) and compares with the preset parameters to determine whether the early warning should be carried out. The results show that, compared with traditional terminals, the optimized acquisition terminal can wake up in time, signal pathways are diverse, and the boiler status can be calculated and judged online. At the same time, the acquisition terminal occupies a small amount of system resources, so the operation speed is due to the traditional terminal. Therefore, the acquisition terminal can send the boiler information to the system better, faster and more accurately, and effectively evaluate the boiler status through feedback information.
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