Hot Test Studies in a Spark Ignited Vortex Combustion Chamber
Naduvilethil, Rajesh Thalappil
Jegathjothi, Sarvoththama Jothi Thurvas
Thankappan, Jayachandran
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Naduvilethil R.T., Jegathjothi S.J.T., Thankappan J., 2018, Hot Test Studies in a Spark Ignited Vortex Combustion Chamber, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 71, 1345-1350.
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Hot tests are performed in a vortex combustion chamber using gaseous oxygen and gaseous hydrogen as the propellants by varying their mixture ratios, and nozzle throat diameter. The combustion is initiated in the combustion chamber using spark ignition. The oxidiser is injected tangentially at the aft end of the combustion chamber thus generating a bi-directional co-spinning vortex. Cold flow tests with real propellants are carried to estimate the pressure developed in the combustor. The temperature at the skin surface of vortex combustor is estimated from experiments. Test results indicate that the surface temperature is not above 305 K thus indicating the fact that combustion is confined to the inner core. The chamber pressure is found to be increasing with the increase of injection pressure. The reduction in throat diameter resulted in the increase in the chamber pressure.
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