Anaerobic Biological Treatment of High Concentration Wastewater
Yang, Xiuwei
Gong, Jianqiao
Liu, Wenxiao
Guo, Hua
Liu, Junliang
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Yang X., Gong J., Liu W., Guo H., Liu J., 2018, Anaerobic Biological Treatment of High Concentration Wastewater, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 71, 1423-1428.
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Granular sludge is the key to the efficient operation of the UASB reactor, which directly affects the treatment efficiency of the reactor. The ordinary flocculent sludge is lighter, and it is easy to be flushed out of the reactor under the action of the influent water flushing in the UASB reactor and the gas scouring generated by the anaerobic reaction of the reactor sludge layer, resulting in reducing in the sludge concentration in the reactor, thus affecting the removal effect. Granular sludge has good settle ability and is not easily lost in the UASB reactor. In this paper, the performance of seed sludge inoculated by two different UASB process is studied to propose the best seed sludge inoculated under the condition of no anaerobic reactor sludge inoculation, which provides references for anaerobic biological treatment of high concentration wastewater.
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