An Overview of Air-Pollution Terrain Nexus
Wang, Xuechao
Klemeš, Jirí Jaromír
Fan, Weiguo
Dong, Xiaobin
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Wang X., Klemeš J.J., Fan W., Dong X., 2019, An Overview of Air-Pollution Terrain Nexus, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 72, 31-36.
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Terrain has been one of very significant impact factors of air pollution formation and distribution. The relationship between air-pollution and terrain has been studied for a long time. It is still a very hot topic, especially in the context of global environmental deterioration, being represented by severe haze, acid rain, local area air pollution and greenhouse gas emission as well. It is significant to obtain deeper insight into this relationship. This paper overviewed the mechanism of air-pollution terrain nexus, summarised some methods for modelling, monitoring and predicting the air pollutants distribution, flow and settling that influenced by terrain. The limitation and challenges of related studies were discussed. In conclusions, this paper aims at reviewing the nexus of terrain and air pollutions and the methods in this field, trying to highlight the current challenges.
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