On the Operation of T-mixer Chemical Reactors in the Cavitation Regime
Oualha, Khaled
Ben Amar, Mounir
Passarello, Jean-Philipe
Kanaev, Andrei
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Oualha K., Ben Amar M., Passarello J.-P., Kanaev A., 2019, On the Operation of T-mixer Chemical Reactors in the Cavitation Regime, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 73, 67-72.
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The apparition of the cavitation phenomenon in chemical precipitation reactors with rapid micromixing can significantly affect the elaboration process. The bubbles appear in the reactive fluid flow when the local hydrostatic pressure decreases down to the liquid vapour pressure, which also corresponds to the maximum energy input producing the micromixing. In this paper, we study the bubbles kinetics (trajectory, size and number density evolution along the outlet leg of our exocentric T-mixer) in water experimentally by light scattering SLS/DLS measurements and numerically via FLUENT software using the cavitation and population balance models. We conclude about the generation and oscillatory movement of cavitation bubbles with the most abundant sizes between 0.1 and 1 (m, which control allows exploring the cavitation regime of the reactors.
Keywords: T-mixer, Cavitation, Light scattering (DLS/SLS), FLUENT modelling.
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