Ru-fe3o4-containing Polymeric Catalysts for Cellulose Hydrogenolysis
Manaenkov, Oleg
Kislitsa, Olga
Ratkevich, Ekaterina
Matveeva, Valentina
Sulman, Mikhail
Sulman, Esther
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Manaenkov O., Kislitsa O., Ratkevich E., Matveeva V., Sulman M., Sulman E., 2019, Ru-fe3o4-containing Polymeric Catalysts for Cellulose Hydrogenolysis, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 74, 79-84.
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In this paper, a novel catalysts on the base of hypercrosslinked polystyrene (HPS) with magnetic properties are proposed for the one-pot processes of the cellulose conversion into ethylene glycol (EG) and propylene glycol (PG). Synthesized magnetically recoverable supports and catalysts were characterized by different physical-chemical methods. The magnetic properties of the supports Fe3O4/HPS MN270 and the corresponding catalysts were studied. The use of this catalyst in the process of microcrystalline cellulose hydrogenolysis in subcritical water allows PG and EG selectivities of 20.0 and 22.6%, respectively, at 100% of cellulose conversion.
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