Modelling of Photoreactors for Water Treatment
Rossetti, Ilenia
Bahadori, Elnaz
Tripodi, Antonio
Ramis, Gianguido
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Rossetti I., Bahadori E., Tripodi A., Ramis G., 2019, Modelling of Photoreactors for Water Treatment, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 74, 289-294.
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Photocatalytic processes are acquiring increasing attention as a means to exploit solar energy to promote chemical transformations. Reactor design and modelling is a fundamental step to set the basis for the possible scale up of the technology. To this purpose, we have modelled the radiation flow depending on reactor geometry for different prototypes of photoreactors, comparing the results with a measured map of irradiance around the emitting source. This is a first step to include photons in a kinetic model as “quasi-reactants” to scale-up photoreactors.
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