Microstructural Features of Ternary Powder Compacts
Akhmetov, Zhanibek
Boribayeva, Aidana
Berkinova, Zhazira
Yermukhambetova, Assiya
Golman, Boris
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Akhmetov Z., Boribayeva A., Berkinova Z., Yermukhambetova A., Golman B., 2019, Microstructural Features of Ternary Powder Compacts, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 74, 385-390.
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In this study the microstructure features of ternary powder compacts of different size ratios and various volume fractions are investigated. Particle compacts are generated by particle growth model using a discrete element method approach. The particles of three different sizes are placed randomly without overlap in a 3D box at given volume fractions. Then, the particle sizes increase to reach the desired particle size. The microstructural properties of powder compacts are analysed using a radical Voronoi tessellation. The obtained results confirm that microstructural characteristics of powder compacts are influenced by size ratios and volume fractions of large, medium and small components of the ternary mixture.
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