Solvent Recovery System for a Co2-mea Reactive Absorption-stripping Plant
Madeddu, Claudio
Errico, Massimiliano
Porcu, Davide
Baratti, Roberto
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Madeddu C., Errico M., Porcu D., Baratti R., 2019, Solvent Recovery System for a Co2-mea Reactive Absorption-stripping Plant, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 74, 805-810.
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The solvent recovery section from the exhaust gas represents an important auxiliary part for an industrial CO2 post-combustion capture plant by the reactive absorption-stripping process. In this work, a partial condenser and a water-wash section configuration were designed to reach 1 ppm of solvent in the exhaust gas, and compared using the Total Annual Cost (TAC) as economic index. Both the configurations ensured the required recovery performance. The results highlighted that the partial condenser alternative is more convenient in terms of capital annualized costs and water make-up, but at the same time it is strongly penalized by the high operating costs for the cooling water. Therefore, the configuration in which the absorber is equipped with the water-wash section resulted the option with the minimum TAC.
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