Re-use of Natural Clayey Waste as Supplementary Cementitious Material
Ferone, Claudio
Cioffi, Raffaele
Telesca, Antonio
Marroccoli, Milena
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Ferone C., Cioffi R., Telesca A., Marroccoli M., 2019, Re-use of Natural Clayey Waste as Supplementary Cementitious Material, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 74, 1147-1152.
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In 2015 total world cement manufacture was estimated at 4.6 billion tons and the CO2 emissions from cement plants were equal to approximately 3.7 billion metric tons, representing about 7% of the global anthropogenic emissions. The utilization of innovative cements and/or supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) represent a powerful tool for both reducing the CO2 footprint and producing more durable environmentally friendly materials.This paper investigates the possibility of using clayey reservoir sediments (RSs) calcined at 830°C as SCMs in a blended Portland cement; this binder, together with a reference one containing natural pozzolan, was submitted to hydration and mechanical tests for curing times ranging from 2 to 56 days. It has been found that RSs are very interesting SCMs inasmuch as their utilization, allowing a clinker dilution, leads to both CO2 emission decrease and energy saving; furthermore, the hydration behaviour and the mechanical properties of the blended cement were positively affected by the RSs addition.
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