Study of the Biosorption Equilibrium of the Yellow Dye Reafix B2r by Sugarcane Bagasse
Negrao Beraldo De Almeida, Lariana
Pietrobelli, Sidnei
Santos Do Nascimento, Mariana
Gulminie Josue, Tatiana
Pietrobelli, Juliana
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Negrao Beraldo De Almeida L., Pietrobelli S., Santos Do Nascimento M., Gulminie Josue T., Pietrobelli J., 2019, Study of the Biosorption Equilibrium of the Yellow Dye Reafix B2r by Sugarcane Bagasse, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 74, 1501-1506.
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The production in the textile industry involves several steps, the water is used in great volume throughout the process. In the dyeing stage, the color is checked and the dyes that do not bind to the fabric fiber are discarded in the washing step. In addition to presenting a varied composition, the effluents generated have a strong coloration. Among the various chemical, physical and biological methods used in the treatment of these residual waters, the sorption processes are presented with high efficiency and simplified application in the removal of color. In this way, studies are carried out seeking economically viable and efficient adsorbents in the removal of pollutants from the water. In this context, the present work evaluated the ability to remove the yellow dye Reafix B2R in aqueous solution, using as biosorbent sugarcane bagasse, through equilibrium experimental data and adsorption isotherm models. At the end of 36 hours of reaction, the system showed a color removal of approximately 69%. However, within 24 hours of the reaction, the removal was approximately 66%. In relation to the applied adsorption isotherms, the model that best fits the data obtained experimentally was the Freundlich model, revealing a tendency of sorption in multilayers and in a heterogeneous surface. From the results obtained experimentally in this study, it can be stated that sugarcane bagasse biomass, when under favorable conditions, has a significant potential for the treatment of effluents containing Yellow Reafix B2R dye.
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