Microencapsulation by Spray-drying of Stevia Fraction with Antidiabetics Effects
Zorzenon, Maria
Hodas, Fabiane
Milani, Paula
Formigoni, Maysa
Dacome, Antonio
Monteiro, Antonio
Costa, Cecilia
Costa, Silvio
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Zorzenon M., Hodas F., Milani P., Formigoni M., Dacome A., Monteiro A., Costa C., Costa S., 2019, Microencapsulation by Spray-drying of Stevia Fraction with Antidiabetics Effects, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 75, 307-312.
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Stevia leaves (Stevia rebaudiana Bert.), that present high-intensity natural sweeteners (steviol glycosides), also has a series of secondary metabolites for which have been reported biological effects such as antioxidants, antihyperglycemic and insulinotropic. A recent study showed that a fraction of Stevia rich in phenolic compounds, with low solubility in aqueous systems, presented significant improvements in altered parameters of diabetes, especially in relation to hyperglycemia and oxidative stress. In order to allow the use of the Stevia fraction at higher doses, it was microencapsulated in a maltodextrin matrix by spray dryer process. The following parameters were evaluated: microencapsulation efficiency, solubility, moisture content and hygroscopicity of the microcapsules and also structural aspects by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The Stevia fraction and maltodextrin (DE 17-19) was added in water, stirred in shaker and dried in Spray Dryer (Buchi, model B-191). The efficiency of the microencapsulation process was 84%. The microcapsules presented solubility three times higher than the free fraction, the increase of hygroscopicity values ??and reduction of moisture values ??in relation to the non-encapsulated Stevia fraction was observed. The images captured from the SEM show microcapsules with well defined spherical surfaces. The microencapsulation process showed to be an important alternative to increase the solubility of this fraction and consequently increases the incorporation of the stevia rich fraction in phenolic compounds into functional foods and beverages with antidiabetic properties.
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