A Progressive Approach Towards a More Sustainable Food Industry
Cimini, Alessio
Moresi, Mauro
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Cimini A., Moresi M., 2019, A Progressive Approach Towards a More Sustainable Food Industry, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 75, 565-570.
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In this work, the main direct environmental impacts of the food industry, as well as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the agro-food system in industrialized countries, were pointed out. A simple and stepwise approach, based on the mere assessment of the product Carbon Footprint (CF), was used to improve the sustainability of small- and medium-sized food and drink enterprises before analyzing the impact of other impact categories than climate change. By applying previously developed LCA models, the cradle-to-grave carbon footprint of dry pasta and malt beer was estimated and practically halved by resorting to a series of mitigation options. A cost/benefit analysis is required to assess the feasibility of each selected option.
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