First order safety insights on furanic platform chemicals and their side streams
Muralidhara, Anitha
van Klink, Gerard
Len, Christophe
Marlair, Guy
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Muralidhara A., van Klink G., Len C., Marlair G., 2019, First order safety insights on furanic platform chemicals and their side streams, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 77, 163-168.
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Furanic platform chemicals have recently gained renewed attention due to their production capability from bio-based sources including lignocellulosic residues, the reuse of which is highly encouraged by the promotion of a circular economy. Apart from lignins, humins, another side-stream residue generated during the acid-catalysed dehydration of C6 and C5 sugars to produce furanic monomers, is currently receiving attention as a renewable carbon source. Plenty of efforts are seen towards application development for these furanics-based chemicals and materials. Nevertheless, safety oriented data or information on these materials is scarce and this may hinder the market for new products made out of these chemicals/materials. To compliment this, the current study specifically focuses on the fire risk assessment of humins and many other furanic compounds of commercial interest. The study aims at generating safety-oriented data which may assist the user to understand the anticipated risk profiles for making a fair decision on their selection for the desired application.
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