Risk Assessment for Process Accident Prevention Using Screening Questionnaire
Shimada, Yukiyasu
Sato, Yoshihiko
Itagaki, Haruhiko
Fuchino, Tetsuo
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Shimada Y., Sato Y., Itagaki H., Fuchino T., 2019, Risk Assessment for Process Accident Prevention Using Screening Questionnaire, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 77, 469-474.
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Risk assessment methods are based on the development of hazard scenarios, which requires identification of latent hazards in process industry, including chemical substance/process, equipment and operation, as well as events that can lead to process hazards. This is quite difficult without acquiring adequate knowledge and experience about process plant design, related operations, and/or resources to perform risk assessment internally. This paper proposes a systematic and iterative framework of risk assessment based on screening questionnaires regarding properties of chemical substances and handling processes (chemical and process hazard). With the use of screening questionnaires, chemical and process hazard perception can increase the motivation of conducting risk assessment for process hazards. The answers to these questionnaires provide the required information for better risk-informed decisions and will support the prevention of process accidents. A selected case study is used to show the effectiveness of the proposed framework.
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