The Influence of Sieving on the Dust Explosion Characteristics of a Lignite Coal
Segers, Tom
Norman, Frederik
Youssefi, Reyhane
Maier, Joerg
Verplaetsen, Filip
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Segers T., Norman F., Youssefi R., Maier J., Verplaetsen F., 2019, The Influence of Sieving on the Dust Explosion Characteristics of a Lignite Coal, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 77, 475-480.
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For the new developments in the area of coal-fired power plants, the flexibility is a major concern. The power plants must be able to operate with a high variety of coal qualities, with different particle size distribution, moisture content and ash content. In order to research the combustibility of different sieved fractions of lignite coal in solid fuel power plants, the explosion characteristics were investigated experimentally.
The aim of this study is to determine the ignition characteristics of a dried brown coal. Different sieved fractions are researched in order to investigate the influence of particle size distribution on the ignition sensitivity and explosion severity of the coal. Different explosion characteristics are determined using standardised test apparatuses, such as the MIKE-3 apparatuses and the 20-L sphere. Following characteristics are determined: minimum ignition energy (MIE), maximum explosion pressure (Pmax), maximum rate of explosion pressure rise (dP/dt)max and the dust explosion constant (Kst). The behaviour of the explosion characteristics are related with the particle size distribution of the sieved fractions.
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