Modern ICT to support the Operator controlling Complex Systems
Lafrenz, Bettina
Heinold, Eva
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Lafrenz B., Heinold E., 2019, Modern ICT to support the Operator controlling Complex Systems, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 77, 727-732.
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Many process control and service operations in productions are carried out in control centers via visual display unit workstations. The operator's tasks often have great relevance for system safety.
Modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) should support the operator's workflow and their supervisory role. Multimodal output devices with task adequate structures of relevant information, process variables and units intent to improve the situation awareness of the operating staff. Intuitively designed input devices should promote quick responses in time critical situations to prevent loss of control. Mobil Display Screen Equipment can help to improve the communication between operators in control centers and plant operators in the field.
In order to support operators optimally, modern ICT should be selected, designed and implemented carefully in the operating concept. Additional it should be adaptable to the operator's needs in a wide variety of situations.
Possible risks, requirements and measurements are described using examples of operation errors and better masteries of situations as improvements due to new ICT.
Within Risk Assessments of the control system the requirements of ICT are determined to optimize the operators' workplace and workload in order to support the operators' safety behaviour for their own and other employees' occupational safety and health.
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