Biomask, a Polymer Blend for Treatment and Healing of Skin Prone to Acne
Didier Pedrosa De Amorim, Julia
Galdino Junior, Claudio Jose
De Santana Costa, Andrea Fernanda
Nascimento, Helenise
Vinhas, Gloria Maria
Asfora Sarubbo, Leonie
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Didier Pedrosa De Amorim J., Galdino Junior C.J., De Santana Costa A.F., Nascimento H., Vinhas G.M., Asfora Sarubbo L., 2020, Biomask, a Polymer Blend for Treatment and Healing of Skin Prone to Acne, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 79, 205-210.
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The biomaterial entitled BioMask presents itself as an ideal film to be used in skin that present inflammations in their hair follicles, which can affect various body regions. Intrinsic characteristics of bacterial cellulose (BC) are important and can aid with the aesthetic treatment in the dermocosmetic area. BC’s film is hypoallergenic, nontoxic, has high water retention, high purity, flexibility, biocompatibility and biodegradability. When BC is produced in a sustainable way, it can become a fundamental rich raw material for cosmeceuticals. The BioMask is enriched with bioactive compounds of high efficacy to help the healing process of the skin. Natural extracts are incorporated into dermo cosmetic products for the purpose of moisturizing, perfuming, and aggregating medicinal properties. Propolis extract is a natural waxy substance, produced by bees from the resin of several plants. Chemically, it has the presence of polyphenols and many flavonoids and innumerable biological activities. Thus, medicinal products containing propolis in the composition are used in medical treatments, and satisfactory results can be observed in the healing process and the reduction of symptoms of inflammation. The BC film was produced in Hestrin-Schramm (HS) medium and then a 2 % propolis extract was incorporated in the obtained film. The film was characterized by XRD and TGA spectroscopy. The pellicles were sterilized and a prototype of the BioMask was done. The objective of this study was to develop a BioMask that helps in the healing of inflammations caused by acne. Due to BC’s high-water content, its usage as an occlusive mask can also aid in skin hydration and enable the improvement of the texture of the treated skin. BioMask is considered a dermatological and cosmetic product for immediate consumption and disposal. Being used as a possibility of treatment for acne patients, it is expected a minimization of pain, improved skin hydration and acceleration in the healing process of the skin without much aesthetic damages and improving the self-esteem and quality of life of people who have acne.
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