Safety Report Updating for Aged Seveso Plants
Bragatto, Paolo
Pirone, Annalisa
Vallerotonda, Maria Rosaria
Milazzo, Maria Francesca

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Bragatto P., Pirone A., Vallerotonda M.R., Milazzo M.F., 2020, Safety Report Updating for Aged Seveso Plants, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 82, 13-18.


Seveso Directive requires the operator of major-hazard establishments to draw up a Safety Report, which has to be updated after relevant changes and at least every five years. This paper discusses a guideline aiming at the inclusion of the ageing issue in the updated Safety Reports. Such guideline exploits the potential of the short-cut method, adopted by the Italian Competent Authorities for the assessment of the adequacy of ageing management plans, to update the likelihood of top-events by using the calculated overall adequacy index. To adequately manage ageing, regulators should promote the implementation of Risk Based Inspection approach (RBI) even in major-hazard small sites. Risk analysis is a pillar of both the Seveso Directive (i.e. Safety Report) and the RBI approach, in this context, the guideline gives suggestions to avoid inconsistencies and promote synergies between the documents.