Risk Management in Museums in Czech Republic
Tomastik, Marek
Vichova, Katerina
Wagnerova, Daniela
Cernohlavkova, Eva

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Tomastik M., Vichova K., Wagnerova D., Cernohlavkova E., 2020, Risk Management in Museums in Czech Republic, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 82, 121-126.


Risk management in museums of the Czech Republic is inadequate and is not implemented in most museums. The presented issue of risk management in museums is only the first step towards introducing this knowledge into museums. The introduction of risk management as part of an integrated museum management system is essential, as emergencies and disasters are very democratic and unexpectedly affect all nations of the world and, thus, various institutions. Risk management should occur primarily by the application of common sense principles. When preparing a risk management plan, managers should avoid drowning the risk management plan in technical details, actuarial charts, and probability statistics. As a rule of thumb, the simpler the risk management strategy, the more likely it will be implemented. Those responsible for implementing risk management must plan to understand the importance of their activities. The risk management plan will certainly not address all of the institution's risks but will generate new responses to state of the art. Risk management is not a task and a goal but a long-term process.