Ergonomic Design of Mobil Interaction Devices to Assist Field Worker and Increase Process Safety
Lafrenz, Bettina
Oehme, Astrid

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Lafrenz B., Oehme A., 2020, Ergonomic Design of Mobil Interaction Devices to Assist Field Worker and Increase Process Safety, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 82, 145-150.


Industrial development in the age of digitalization requires the implementation of smart devices in order to aggregate data for process optimization. In modern organisations, the field operator uses smart devices (display screen equipment): not only for communication, but also for data acquisition, handling and in some cases, switching operations. The new devices have to fulfil several requirements: facilitate the data processing, assist the operator’s interaction, benefit the operational procedure, and increase the system safety. To meet these requirements, the development of digital interfaces should be more than transferring paperwork into data sets without navigation units. New interaction systems should be chosen according to the task to be performed and designed in a way to suit the safety system, technical organisation system, and task management in particular. There are several general design rules for display screen equipment, but an appropriate change management is equally important for being able to select useful devices and to implement new technologies successfully. This comprises, for one thing, an analysis of the technical network and computer system; but should also include a task analysis. To increase the operator’s acceptance by detecting their needs and preferences, the participation of the operators in the procurement process is required. In order to develop the special design and organisational implementation of new technology, a specially generated checklist can help practitioners to examine the basic network, hardware and software. The use of this list in an appropriate example will demonstrate the optimisation process of the operator’s workflow and his safety behaviour using modern mobile devices.