On the Prediction of the Ignition Delay Time of Bio-syngas
Pio, Gianmaria
Wako, Fekadu Mosisa
Salzano, Ernesto

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Pio G., Wako F.M., Salzano E., 2020, On the Prediction of the Ignition Delay Time of Bio-syngas, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 82, 271-276.


The growing energy demand and more stringent environmental regulations have raised concerns about the production and use of alternative fuels. Due to the potential application of the resulting gaseous streams in turbines as an energy source, slow pyrolysis of biomass including municipal waste have been extensively studied under various situations and atmospheric conditions. Nevertheless, the combustion characteristics of these complex mixtures and the chemical interactions between their constituent species are still not fully understood. Hence, the accuracy of commonly used empirical-based mixing rules for the estimation of the overall reactivity, such as laminar burning velocity and ignition delay time is inefficient. This work is addressed to the numerical prediction of the Ignition Delay Time, IDT, of bio-syngas mixtures at different fuel compositions, stoichiometries, temperature, and pressure, by means of a detailed kinetic model. A simplified tool for preliminary evaluation of the overall reactivity with respect to the above-mentioned conditions was proposed for these mixtures, as well, providing an effective feature for safety and management evaluations.