Study of Oxidative Torrefaction Process of Sunflower Husks
Isemin, Rafail
Klimov, Dmitry
Mikhalev, Aleksandr
Muratova, Nataliya
Nebivaev, Artemiy

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Isemin R., Klimov D., Mikhalev A., Muratova N., Nebivaev A., 2020, Study of Oxidative Torrefaction Process of Sunflower Husks, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 82, 331-336.


The problem of using sunflower husk, which Russia produces annually about 3.6 million tons, as a fuel for communal and industrial boiler houses, is considered. It is shown that the fuel characteristics of husks can be significantly improved as a result of its oxidative torrefaction in a fluidized bed in a flue gas medium with a low oxygen content. The kinetics of oxidative torrefaction process of husks was studied; it was found that the torrefaction process is accompanied by exothermic reactions, but this process can be controlled due to the intense heat exchange processes in the fluidized bed.