Generation of Oxyhydrogen Gas for Internal Combustion of a Minor Vehicle
Veramendi Caico, Shaibert Abrahan
Castaneda Olivera, Carlos Alberto
Valverde Flores, Jhonny Wilfredo
Jave Nakayo, Jorge
Tello Mendivil, Veronica
Benites-Alfaro, Elmer G.

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Veramendi Caico S.A., Castaneda Olivera C.A., Valverde Flores J.W., Jave Nakayo J., Tello Mendivil V., Benites-Alfaro E.G., 2020, Generation of Oxyhydrogen Gas for Internal Combustion of a Minor Vehicle, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 82, 445-450.


In the research, an oxyhydrogen gas generating system was built and installed for use in a smaller vehicle. The aim was to check the ability to use oxyhydrogen gas as ecological technology in a 0.2 L internal combustion engine. A linear motorcycle was used for the study and the experimental tests were carried out in parallel with both gasoline and oxyhydrogen gas to compare its efficiency. The results showed yields of 10 km / sol and 92 km / sol for gasoline and oxyhydrogen gas, respectively. Furthermore, with oxyhydrogen gas a favorable reduction in the emission of polluting gases into the environment was found. Finally, the research shows that there are strong reasons to opt for the use of oxyhydrogen gas as an alternative fuel, and it could easily be adapted in vehicle engines.