Impact Assessment on Cycle Super Highway Schemes
Ku, Donggyun
Kwak, Juhyeon
Na, Sungyong
Lee, Shinhae
Lee, Seungjae

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Ku D., Kwak J., Na S., Lee S., Lee S., 2021, Impact Assessment on Cycle Super Highway Schemes, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 83, 181-186.


Recently, Seoul has been pushing for eco-friendly transportation policies to reduce emission and improve environment, including restrictions on the use of cars and the introduction of shared bicycles. The government introduced the shared bicycles, of which the demand has been steadily increasing. The government is planning to introduce Cycling Rapid Transit (CRT) for the enhancement of the shared bicycle program. However, by applying the standard feasibility assessment, it is difficult to secure the feasibility of many eco-friendly measures, such as CRT. This research intends to promote the eco-friendly transportation by reflecting other benefit indicators represented by the wider impact parameters, such as health benefits. Based on the Origin/Destination data of the shared bicycles users, this study conducted a demand forecast estimation for various scenario considering the conversion of existing means to short-distance traffic, and analysed the benefits reflecting the wider impact. The study considered cycling's health benefits, which are estimated by the HEAT (Health Economic Assessment Tool) and the SART (The Sickness Absence Reduction Tool) used by WHO. The CRT introduction analysis was conducted on three sites, and the analysis showed that if human life value is not reflected, B/C is found to be at a minimum of 0.47 and the feasibility of the project cannot be secured with the existing methodology. When wider impact was applied, B/C was shown up to 3.29. Through this study, an efficient and more adequate feasibility methodology for evaluating the eco-friendly transportation policies was suggested, as the research intended to present the development direction for the analysis of health benefits suitable for domestic analysis and the selection of reference values.