Natural Rubber Derivatives for Adhesives Applications: A Review
Zainudin, Zuraidah
Baharulrazi, Norfhairna
Che Man, Siti Hajjar

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Zainudin Z., Baharulrazi N., Che Man S.H., 2021, Natural Rubber Derivatives for Adhesives Applications: A Review, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 83, 493-498.


The purpose of this review is to describe the utilisation of natural rubber and its modified form in adhesive applications. Adhesive can be defined as material that capable of joining two or more surfaces permanently by the adhesion process. Recently, natural rubber has gaining great interest in the adhesive application in comparison to its counter parts synthetic rubber due to environmental reason as well as good mechanical and thermal properties. In this review, the adhesive properties along with mechanical and thermal properties of the natural rubber are reviewed. The recent advances in the modified natural rubber such as epoxidized natural rubber, liquid natural rubber, telechelic natural rubber and other modified natural rubber are also included and highlighted.