On Modelling the Swarming in Dispersed Systems
Brener, Arnold
Musabekova, Leila
Dausheyeva, Nurzhamal

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Brener A., Musabekova L., Dausheyeva N., 2021, On Modelling the Swarming in Dispersed Systems, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 84, 217-222.


The paper is devoted to modeling the swarming of micro and nanoparticles in dispersion flows. A systematic analysis of the swarming phenomenon is presented, and approaches to the creation of generalized swarming models for describing the mentioned phenomena are offered for discussion. Based on the review of various works and speculative analysis, for the first time it is proposed to distinguish three main different mechanisms of swarm formation in dispersed mixtures. These mechanisms determine the swarming processes in wide range of particles sizes: from nanoparticles to small dust particles. The results of computer simulation and numerical experiments for describing swarming phenomenon proceeding by the inertial mechanism using both the computer fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation and the stochastic lattices approach adapted especially in the submitted work for describing swarming phenomenon have been also submitted.