Vulnerability of Industrial Storage Tanks to Wildfire: a Case Study
Ricci, Federica
Scarponi, Giordano E.
Pastor, Elsa
Munoz, Juan Antonio
Planas, Eulalia
Cozzani, Valerio

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Ricci F., Scarponi G.E., Pastor E., Munoz J.A., Planas E., Cozzani V., 2021, Vulnerability of Industrial Storage Tanks to Wildfire: a Case Study, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 86, 235-240.


Wildfires approaching the Wildland-Industrial Interfaces can be a serious threat for industrial items located at the plant boundary. These items are typically storage tanks involving large amounts of hazardous substances. Ensuring their integrity is of paramount importance to prevent the wildfire spread inside the industrial plant, avoiding the occurrence of major accidents such as fires, explosions and toxic releases. A methodology for the evaluation of safety distances between tanks and vegetation for the protection from wildfire hazard was developed and applied to a case study. The outcomes provide useful information for an effective emergency response planning in the case of wildfire. Moreover, the results obtained rise concern about the appropriateness of clearance areas between the vegetation and industrial areas currently adopted.