Risk Management in Health Care Organizations in the Czech Republic
Heinzova, Romana
Peterek, Kamil
Hoke, Eva

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Heinzova R., Peterek K., Hoke E., 2021, Risk Management in Health Care Organizations in the Czech Republic, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 86, 271-276.


Risk management in healthcare facilities focuses on processes whose performance is specifically defined in standards and guidelines that the organization creates according to its needs. The aim is to set up uniform procedures in the organization for staff providing care to patients and define other indirectly related processes to the direct provision of health care. The article focuses on summarizing the results of research in the field of risk management in health care facilities in the Czech Republic. A research team was researched in May - July 2020. This research responded to the then ongoing pandemic COVID-19. The paper aims to map and summarize knowledge from risk management and crisis preparedness of medical facilities across the Czech Republic.