Absorption Heat Transformer for Solar Pond Energy Temperature Upgrading
Romero, Rosenberg J.
Cerezo, Jesus
Rodriguez-Martinez, Antonio
Montiel González, Moises

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Romero R.J., Cerezo J., Rodriguez-Martinez A., Montiel González M., 2021, Absorption Heat Transformer for Solar Pond Energy Temperature Upgrading, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 86, 703-708.


Solar energy has intermittent heat collection due the atmospheric phenomena, even the clarity index is widely evaluating the approximation for modelling the solar energy always is a function of the time. Solar ponds are a technology for solar energy accumulation, this technology has evaluations for tilt angles and salt concentration temperature variation and has availability with small variation along 24 hours a day. This technology may supply constant heat load to a thermodynamic cycle for temperature upgrade from the solar pond temperature level. Absorption heat transformer is a Type II heat pump to take a heat source part of the thermal energy to increase the temperature of the half heat source, in this case, from a solar pond. This article shows the data for several operating conditions of an absorption heat pump operating whit Carrol © / water solution. The main result is the gross temperature lift from solar pond technology with an AHT operating with condensation into the same solar pond to increase the Coefficient of Performance.