Modeling a Biological Reactor Using Sparse Identification Method
Lisci, Silvia
Gitani, Elisa
Mulas, Michela
Tronci, Stefania

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Lisci S., Gitani E., Mulas M., Tronci S., 2021, Modeling a Biological Reactor Using Sparse Identification Method, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 86, 901-906.


In this work a model-based controller for a fermentation bioreactor has been developed. By simulating the model of the process that acts as a virtual plant, input-output data have been generated and used to identify the system using sparse identification of nonlinear dynamics methodology. The obtained model is then used in a model-based algorithm to control the bioreactor temperature, where the manipulated action is obtained as a result of a constrained nonlinear optimization problem which minimizes the mismatch between the predicted trajectory and the desired one. Good performances have been obtained by applying the proposed control strategy for set-point changes and disturbance rejection.