Slow Pyrolysis of Flax Production Waste
Lugovoy , Yuri
Chalov, Kirill
Kosivtsov, Yuriy Yu.
Sidorov, Alexander
Sulman, Mikhail G.

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Lugovoy Y., Chalov K., Kosivtsov Y.Y., Sidorov A., Sulman M.G., 2021, Slow Pyrolysis of Flax Production Waste, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 88, 331-336.


The slow pyrolysis of flax shive and the cellulose residue of flax shive obtained by ethanolysis was studied in this work. Investigation of temperature effect on physical properties of pyrolysis products in the range of 500-750 º? on a laboratory slow pyrolysis unit was presented in this manuscript. The experimental obtained data of initial properties of investigation samples, thermal stability of samples, heat effects of pyrolysis process, chemical composition and physical properties of liquid and gaseous pyrolysis products are presented.