Ultra-Dispersed Ash Filler for Dispersed Binding Systems
Petropavlovskaya, Victoria
Sulman, Mikhail G.
Novichenkova, Tatiana
Sidorov, Alexander
Petropavlovskii, Kirill

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Petropavlovskaya V., Sulman M.G., Novichenkova T., Sidorov A., Petropavlovskii K., 2021, Ultra-Dispersed Ash Filler for Dispersed Binding Systems, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 88, 1003-1008.


The paper shows studies of dispersed systems based on cement binder and dispersed aluminosilicate filler. Such dispersed filler in research is modified waste - ash from a thermal power plant from the Moscow region. This waste was generated by hydraulic ash removal. In the work ash was used, which has undergone additional training. It was divided into separate components. In these studies, an aluminosilicate component was used. It has fairly stable chemical and physical-mechanical properties. The treatment of ash powder proposed in this work makes it possible to obtain a system with a large number of contacts in a dispersed system. In this work, the effect of mechanical activation of ash-cement compositions on the physical and mechanical properties of cement stone is investigated. It is shown that in the process of additional grinding, the destruction of large-pore particles occurs. They may be present in small amounts in the ash after processing. The use of activated ash in cement compositions affects the properties and structure of the cement stone. This is facilitated by the active interaction of Portland cement minerals with aluminosilicate ash components. Highly dispersed particles of activated ash in the dispersed binder system allow you to regulate the internal structure of the stone. The highly dispersed composition of the ash powder requires additional plasticization of the dispersed system. The additional introduction of a plasticizer into the activated ash-cement composition helps to improve rheological characteristics, and, consequently, to increase the strength and density of the modified cement stone with the addition of highly dispersed ash filler.