Ecological Monitoring of Road Chemistry Materials on Highways
Priorov, Georgii
Glushko, Andrey
Bessarabov, Arkadiy

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Priorov G., Glushko A., Bessarabov A., 2021, Ecological Monitoring of Road Chemistry Materials on Highways, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 88, 1273-1278.


The use of anti-icing reagents for road maintenance is accompanied by inevitable environmental consequences associated with the release of large amounts of chemicals into the environment. To reduce the negative consequences, environmental monitoring of the state of environmental objects is carried out, which makes it possible to assess the impact of the applied anti-icing reagents for the 4 most important environmental clusters: snow cover and water bodies, soil cover, green spaces and atmospheric air. At the next level of the developed monitoring system, specific geographic objects are shown. Samples were taken on 8 major highways of the city of Moscow. Environmental monitoring was carried out using a computer quality management system developed on the basis of CALS (Continuous Acquisition and Lifecycle Support) information technologies. 6 quality indicators have been added to the system for each geographic object: mass fraction of soluble salts, mass fraction of water-insoluble substances, pH value, specific effective activity of natural radionuclides, mass fraction of impurities and corrosiveness to metal. For each quality indicator, the system contains the most promising methods of analysis and instruments.