Plastics Recycling as a Part of Circular Economy
Tochácek, Jirí
Gregor, Jirí
Kropác, Jirí
Pavlas, Martin
Poul, David
Ucekaj, Vladimír

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Tochácek J., Gregor J., Kropác J., Pavlas M., Poul D., Ucekaj V., 2021, Plastics Recycling as a Part of Circular Economy, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 88, 1303-1308.


This article describes the plastics recycling assessment based on a practical selection of waste plastic samples from a municipality in the Czech Republic. The assessment included classification, analysis of the composition and experimental investigation of the recyclability of the samples. The recyclability investigation involved shredding, washing, drying, granulation, and extrusion – following the typical steps of a recycling process.
As a result, a feasible recycling route has been identified and described for treating municipal plastic waste and processing based on the average composition of the plastics bins based on field research. A case example of secondary raw material processing for subsequent recycling and testing the recyclability of plastics in laboratory conditions are additional outputs.