Solar Assisted Heat Pump Application in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry
Ku Arshad, Ku Mohamad Afiq
Ho, Wai Shin
Asli, Umi Aisah
Ab Muis, Zarina
Hashim, Haslenda

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Ku Arshad K.M.A., Ho W.S., Asli U.A., Ab Muis Z., Hashim H., 2021, Solar Assisted Heat Pump Application in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 89, 49-54.


In an automotive industry, high thermal energy demand is required mainly due to processes in the Paint Shop which leads to high energy utilization. In order to improve energy efficiency, automotive industry is now looking into the application of Solar Assisted Heat Pump (SAHP). SAHP is identified as a suitable technology and, as it produces energy from solar, can save up in energy cost to operate the heat pump in a long term. This research specifically looks into the painting section of the industry focusing on DIP Phosphating and Electrodeposition process as it consumed the most thermal energy compared to the other processes. The potential cost-saving and payback period are identified through scenario analysis involving Scenario 1 (Existing system), Scenario 2 (Heat Pump), Scenario 3 (Solar Thermal + Heat Pump), and Scenario 4 (Solar Photovoltaic + Heat Pump). Based on the analysis, it is concluded that Scenario 4 resulted in the highest potential cost-saving of MYR 73,988. As for the shortest payback period, it is achieved by Scenario 2 with a payback period of only 3.5 y.