Practical Solid Waste Management System in a Campus in Danang City, Vietnam
Nguyen, Duy Bao
Pham Phu, Song Toan
Dinh, Cuong Le
Usami, Makoto

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Nguyen D.B., Pham Phu S.T., Dinh C.L., Usami M., 2021, Practical Solid Waste Management System in a Campus in Danang City, Vietnam, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 89, 511-516.


Da Nang is a city with rapid growth and expansion, along with it is pressure for municipal solid waste treatment. Within a decade, waste generation from commercial and service activities increased significantly at a rate of 9 %/y and reached 1.073 t/d in 2018. This study aims at developing municipal solid waste management toward sustainability in the campus of Danang University. A waste audit was performed to evaluate the total emission and characteristics of the solid waste generated by the campus. Simultaneously, the 3R program was applied for assessing the current status of the waste management practice (WMP) system. This study analyzes the total amount and characteristics of campus waste, in which, recycling (25 %) and organic waste (28 %) took up a great proportion. It also reveals that even though a big part has shown disinterest in waste management, the awareness of students toward environmental protection was raised during the process of this research. Therefore, the improvement of WMP at source and formal environmental education at a younger age can reduce a significant amount of waste-to-landfill, as well as enhancing environmental awareness.