Study of Performance: an Improved Distillation using Thermoelectric Modules
Sasongko, Setia Budi
Sanyoto, Gelbert Jethro
Buchori, Luqman

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Sasongko S.B., Sanyoto G.J., Buchori L., 2021, Study of Performance: an Improved Distillation using Thermoelectric Modules, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 89, 649-654.


An integrated distillation system has been designed and assembled involving a thermoelectric module. This design utilizes both the hot side and cold side simultaneously, thus improving the overall distillation process. This research aims to study this thermoelectric distillation design and then proceeds to study the performance of yield and efficiency systems. Using sets of sensors and Arduino® microcontroller, changes in water sample height can be easily monitored and recorded. Experimental results showed that there were distinctions in temperature over time in various power usage with the minimum power, 18 watts, reached up to 60 °C for hot side and 50 °C for cold side and with the maximum power, 40.5 watts, reached up to 70 °C for hot side and 60 °C for the cold side. Regression by curve fitting found the data follow the 5th polynomial model.