Safety of alternative energy sources: A review
Jankuj, Vojtech
Spitzer, Stefan H.
Krietsch, Arne
Štroch, Petr
Bernatík, Aleš

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Jankuj V., Spitzer S.H., Krietsch A., Štroch P., Bernatík A., 2022, Safety of alternative energy sources: A review, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 90, 115-120.


The article summarizes a short review of the literature focused on safety in the field of alternative energy sources. With an increasing orientation towards sustainable and renewable energy sources, new technologies will come to the fore. These facts must be demonstrated in occupational health and safety. Several studies focused on alternative energy sources are mentioned and show the trends for the future. Especially in the area of hydrogen and battery technologies, systems should pay attention to acquisitions as a normal part of our lives. Safety research is essential for the acceptance of cleaner, efficient, and sustainable future.