Analysis of thermal load of pressure cylinders with flammable gases in fire
Mynarz, Miroslav
Jankuj, Vojtech
Lepík, Petr

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Mynarz M., Jankuj V., Lepík P., 2022, Analysis of thermal load of pressure cylinders with flammable gases in fire, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 90, 451-456.


The submitted paper analyses the thermal load of pressure cylinders with LPG and acetylene in case of fire. In the fire condition, pressure cylinders with flammable gases pose an increased risk to their surroundings. Due to the thermal load, the temperature and consequently the pressure inside the cylinder increases, which ultimately leads to a loss of compactness of the shell and its rupture. As a part of the experimental measurements, the LPG and acetylene cylinders were exposed to the effects of fire. The fire was simulated using a pre-validated woodpile. The results show the range of thermal load on the surface of pressure cylinders when they are exposed to a defined heat source. During the burning of the bonfire, there was a progressive increase in temperature and a gradual decrease in the weight of the fuel. Experimental measurements served as an opportunity to examine in detail the thermal load on a defined type of pressure cylinders used for filling LPG and acetylene. At the same time, it was possible to verify the actual ability of the prepared woodpile for the possibility of fire simulation. Based on the experimentally determined temperature values, it is possible to estimate the time resistance of the cylinders in the fire condit