Factors Influencing Green Purchasing Adoption in Malaysian Construction Companies
Abdul Hadi, Nurul Huda
Mohd. Shafiei, Mohd. Wira
Ismail, Radzi

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Abdul Hadi N.H., Mohd. Shafiei M.W., Ismail R., 2022, Factors Influencing Green Purchasing Adoption in Malaysian Construction Companies, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 91, 637-642.


The construction of buildings and other infrastructures has many environmental impacts and contributes significantly to climate change. Construction companies are likely to adopt green purchasing practices because of increased environmental sustainability pressures. This problem is mainly due to inefficient construction practices and the construction industry's lack of green purchasing practices. Thus, this study aims to investigate the factors influencing green purchasing (GP) adoption in Malaysian construction companies. Green purchasing in the construction industry was studied through extensive literature analysis and a questionnaire survey. A questionnaire was distributed to representatives of registered construction companies with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB). The results display that government regulation, stakeholder pressure, top management support, corporate factor, material supplier, subcontractor relationship, and expected business benefits are seven factors that could motivate the organisation's adoption of green purchasing practices. The regulators and policymakers, statutory bodies, government-linked corporations (GLCs), construction companies and suppliers might find these factors beneficial in improving green purchasing.