Information CALS-model of Granulation Processes of Multicomponent Materials
Makarenkov, Dmitriy
Retivov, Vasiliy
Nazarov, Vjacheslav
Priorov, Georgiy
Bessarabov, Arkadiy

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Makarenkov D., Retivov V., Nazarov V., Priorov G., Bessarabov A., 2022, Information CALS-model of Granulation Processes of Multicomponent Materials, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 94, 421-426.


Energy-saving processes for granulating multicomponent materials are widely used in industry. To develop these processes, an information CALS-model was created at 6 levels of the hierarchy. At the top level, a grouping is carried out according to 8 types of medium for granulated materials. At the 2nd level of the hierarchy, for each type of medium, 11 classes of granulated products are considered and assigned. At the 3rd level of the hierarchy, specific target products related to the corresponding types of media and classes of granulated materials are considered. At the 4th level, the system architecture includes the main methods for obtaining granular compositions, for each of which, at the 5th level, technological equipment - granulators is considered. At the last 6-th level of the hierarchy, the main indicators of product quality are analyzed. The carried-out systematization allowed for the first time to develop a multifunctional information system that effectively solves a set of tasks: the operational search for a multicomponent product, taking into account the type of medium and the class of granulated materials; analysis of the main quality indicators with subsequent selection of the optimal granulation method; selection of advanced equipment for each considered granulation method. The developed CALS-system improves the quality of scientific research by improving access to the necessary unified information.