Virtual Model of the Production of Chemical Reagents and High Purity Substances
Bessarabov, Arkadiy
Trokhin, Vasiliy
Mindlin, Gleb
Vasilenko, Violetta

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Bessarabov A., Trokhin V., Mindlin G., Vasilenko V., 2022, Virtual Model of the Production of Chemical Reagents and High Purity Substances, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 94, 529-534.


Chemical reagents and highly pure substances largely determine the development of the most innovative industries and promising scientific research. One of the main Russian manufacturers of materials of reactive qualification and high purity is the industrial association JSC "EKOS-1". For 30 y, a developed production infrastructure and logistics system has been created. JSC "EKOS-1" supplies products throughout Russia and for export. The dealer network is represented in 14 cities of the Russian Federation. We are developing an information 3D model of the enterprise, including a design 3D model and databases of the model elements. Autodesk Revit, a building information modelling software that implements the building information modelling principle, was chosen as the computer support system. In the first stage, the work was focused on the "Warehouse", which includes 6 warehouses for raw materials and finished products. With the use of Autodesk Revit software, 3D models of warehouses were built, as well as their internal components. All the models are as close as possible to the original objects. 3D models are integrated into the Unity 3D development environment to create a virtual space of the enterprise for its visualization, optimization of logistics and interactive user interaction.