Building Materials and Products based on Resource-saving Gypsum Compositions
Petropavlovskaya, Victoria
Zavadko, Maria
Novichenkova, Tatiana
Sulman, Mikhail G.
Petropavlovskii, Kirill

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Petropavlovskaya V., Zavadko M., Novichenkova T., Sulman M.G., Petropavlovskii K., 2022, Building Materials and Products based on Resource-saving Gypsum Compositions, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 94, 685-690.


A significant effect in the production of building materials is achieved by using industrial waste as combined additives in the cementless composites. Design of such compositions makes it possible to obtain energy- and resource-saving types of products and improve their physical and mechanical characteristics. This is due to the reasonable selection of input industrial waste in terms of ensuring the required performance. These studies are devoted to the development of such a cementless composition for use as a building mix. The purpose of this work is to study the influence of the granulometric and material composition of the basalt technogenic additive and bottom ash on the properties of gypsum compositions of hydration hardening. It is supposed to use an integrated approach to the composition of gypsum compositions based on technogenic additives. Powders of technogenic basalt and bottom ash include nano- and micro-sized particles. Formation of the structure of gypsum stone with dense packing and additional structural bonds involves controlling the granulometric and material composition of compositions in compliance with the principle of dense packing of particles.