Analysis of Process Modeling in Modern Software Program to Support "Smart" Agriculture
Toguzova, Marzhan Melsovna
Rakhymberdina, Marzhan Yessenbekovna
Kulenova, Natalya Anatolyevna
Shaimardanov, Zhassulan Kudaibergenovich
Assylkhanova, Zhanna Alexandrovna
Apshikur, Baitak
Beisekenov, Nail Alikuly

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Toguzova M.M., Rakhymberdina M.Y., Kulenova N.A., Shaimardanov Z.K., Assylkhanova Z.A., Apshikur B., Beisekenov N.A., 2022, Analysis of Process Modeling in Modern Software Program to Support "Smart" Agriculture, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 94, 871-876.


The modern level of development of computer technology and software has created the prerequisites for a new approach used in the precision farming system. One of the priority areas is the use of modern software products that are based on the use of computer simulation models that allow performing crop yield forecasting modeling, including approaches to differentiated fertilization and minimizing negative environmental impact. The purpose of this work is to analyze and substantiate the main effective software modules, which are based on the integration of meteorological indicators, satellite measurements of spectral parameters of agricultural crops, statistical data on crop yields for a certain period and satellite images, allowing you to create dynamic predictive models aimed at solving the problem of managing technological processes in the offline and online modes. Based on a comprehensive analysis of modern GIS software products, the main modules were identified and a technological scheme for integrating input data and their subsequent processing was proposed: creating a yield map, planning, according to weather conditions, sowing dates, the ability to prepare tasks for differentiated application of fertilizers and plant protection products, conducting statistical analysis of harvesting data, planning sampling points for agrochemical examination and subsequent accounting of the results. These processes will be implemented through the geoinformation application "Agronomist's Tablet".