Valorization of Black Soldier Flies at Different Life Cycle Stages
Tran, Chi
Le, Tan M.
Pham, Co Dang
Duong, Yen
Le, Phung Thi Kim
Tran, Tan Viet

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Tran C., Le T.M., Pham C.D., Duong Y., Le P.T.K., Tran T.V., 2022, Valorization of Black Soldier Flies at Different Life Cycle Stages, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 97, 139-144.


Solid waste treatment is a major concern all around the world, especially in developing countries. Unlike plasticand metals, organic waste is invaluable and requires a high cost for treatment. Black Soldier Fly (BSF) is a novel option since not only provides waste treatment solutions but also converts organic waste into high-economic products. An in-depth understanding of this species must be required for researchers who are looking for alternative processes as well as scaling up for larger plants or commercial purposes. In this review, the valorization of BSF at different life stages has been successfully developed. After treating organic waste, the frass of BSF has been seen as an organic fertilizer. Due to the highest lipid content (47.65 %) in prepupae stages, they are used for biodiesel production. The protein content is highest in the larva stage, so it is a lower-cost replacement for conventional animal feed. Since the chitin content in BSF’s cuticles makes up to 40 %, prepupae and cocoons can be seen as promising sources of chitin.