Codonopsis javanica Root Extraction with Enzyme Support
To, Dien Vu Thanh
Vu, Danh

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To D.V.T., Vu D., 2022, Codonopsis javanica Root Extraction with Enzyme Support, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 97, 553-558.


Codonopsis javanica (CJ) contains various valuable bioactive compounds and is a cheaper medicinal herb than other ginsengs. In this study, Codonopsis javanica roots (CJR) were soaked in hot water in a thermostatic bath for extraction. Experiments were performed based on a change in the amount of enzyme a-amylase, extraction temperature and investigation time. Polyphenol, saponin content and antioxidant capacity by DPPH free radical scavenging were determined spectrophotometrically. The results showed that the optimal extraction conditions were obtained when adding 1% enzyme a-amylase at 900C in 3.5 hours. The extract of CJR obtained from experiments using enzyme a-amylase showed higher levels of TPC, saponin, antioxidant capacity by DPPH and 0Brix compared to ones without enzymes. The aqueous enzymatic extraction method can be seen as a potential alternative to conventional solvent extraction methods and becomes more popular as an efficient, sustainable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly extraction technique.